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Rose/Doctor Fanmix


The graphics are eh at best. I know that but it was a lot of fun to do and I haven't done a fanmix in ages.

This Ain't Goodbye | Train

Oh, no, this ain't goodbye
It's not where our story ends

The first time I heard this song I immediately thought Doctor/Rose because their story doesn't end on that beach in Norway. He helps her with her homework, gets her a bike when she's twelve, pops up now and then and maybe, just maybe, Rose Tyler rips through a universe or two to find him again.

Parachute | Train

So open up and be my human angel
And we'll only hit the ground

Rose is the Doctor's saviour and he hers. Neither one of them come through things unscathed but they do manage to hit the ground running, knowing that as long as there's the two of them, they're going to be alright. There's also a bit near the beginning of the song that talks about starting over. To me, this the AU part where she doesn't get left on the beach in Norway because they're starting over, eyes wide open and knowing how the other feels.

All I wanted | Paramore

Think of me when you're out
When you're out there
I'll beg you nice from my knees
And when the world treats you way too fairly
Well it's a shame I'm a dream
I could follow you to the beginning
Just to relive the start
Maybe then we'd remember to slow down
At all of our favorite parts

Really this one is just all over Doctor/Rose from Rose's point of view. She wants the Doctor to think about her when he's out there alone. In some ways she knows that thinking of her hurts him but she thinks it's better that he remember her then to forget her entirely and save himself some pain. The Doctor needs Rose. She knows that so she's hoping her memory will keep him on the straight and narrow. She hates where they ended for both of their sakes; let's be honest, she hates that they ended, regardless of how. Knowing everything she knows, if she could go back and start over again, she would endure all the pain that she knows is coming just to relive it.

Be Mine | Kristina & The Dolls

Put my heart in a safe place for no one else to see
Until you come to rescue me
And set it free

This is another one that is all over Rose and Doctor but more from the Doctor's point of view. I like this one because it's got a great beat; it's a bit darker in theme, which is appropriate for it being from the Doctor's point of view as well. I think it works as well for them because in an AU where they do end up traveling together again, after losing Rose once (maybe twice) he's a bit less afraid to be more possessive/want things with her than previously.

Come and Find Me | Josh Ritter

Though I'm here in this far off place
My air is not this time and space
I draw you close with every breath
You don't know what's right until it's wrong
You don't know it's yours until it's gone
I didn't know that it was home until you up and left

Come and find me now

I think this one is amazing and works really well for both of them from both points of view. It always brings to mind the scene with Rose in Stolen Earth when she's saying find me, Doctor. On the flip side, she's the one who actually finds him and I think in so many ways throughout S3 and S4, the Doctor was saying 'come and find me' in his own way. When the Ood tell him 'she is returning' you can see the hope all over his face that it's Rose. One nameless 'she' and he's pinning his hopes on it being Rose, then when Donna talks about Rose returning and that's good, right, the way his entire face lights up is absolutely confirmation that he's spent the last two years repeating his own rendition of 'find me'. In the place where they do stay together, I think if they lost each other they'd each look for each other but there would remain this idea of 'come and find me'.

Everywhere I go | Lissie

I don't see clearly
Can't feel nothing
Can you hear me

Gah this one to me is so very much Ten when he doesn't have Rose with him. It sounds lost to the point that you're nearly giving up. Ten standing on that balcony looking down at the spider thing, when Donna tells him he can stop, that is this song. Time Lord Victorious is this song. His last tour before he regenerates is this song. It just very much speaks Doctor without Rose to me. Even Nine in Bad Wolf when he sends her back, that moment he sees the TARDIS disappear and he knows it's all over but she's safe, that is this song.
Especially Me | Low

'Cause if we knew where we belong
There'd be no doubt where we're from
But as it stands, we don't have a clue
Especially me and probably you

This song is the way they keep being so utterly oblivious to the other one and how the other one feels. It's also them when they're apart and trying to find each other again: Rose in Bad Wolf (season 1) Season 2 finale, Season 4. Somehow they've identified with who they are with each other that they're a bit lost without each other. I think it works really well from both points of view.

You Complete Me | Stabbing Westward

I am lost in the darkness 
Between two worlds and here I'm struggling 
You're the light that I've been seeking 

Before Jerry MacGuire made 'You complete me' cheesy, Stabbing Westward made it awesome. I like the sound of the song, kind of electronic but also definitely rock. Besides that, the entire freaking song can be applied to Doctor/Rose from his point of view. It's just sick how the lyrics between the chorus are him at his darkest & most destructive. Rose keeps him from falling into that because she'll either pull him out of it, hug it out of him or let him know he's crossed the line.

A Thousand Years | Christina Perri

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me

Okay, easily the sappiest song on the fanmix but one day I was talking to a friend about the whole Bad Wolf thing and ended up wiki'ing it. Rose went as far back as Pompei (there's a wolf cave painting) to get the Bad Wolf point across and in a way, she lived all those years waiting for him to wake up and smell the roses (pun so intended). She also did plenty of decorating Bad Wolf millions of years in the future so, see the theory above. Okay, yes she doesn't remember those years/lifetimes/timelines but she was still there, she still did that and she still loved him all of those years between Pompei and billions of years in the future. If you're me (pretend for a moment) you believe that while he may love other people he is always going to love Rose special soooooo applicable song is applicable. Plus it's pretty and sappy. Just like Rose and the Doctor.

Pieces | Red

I'm here again
A thousand miles away from you
A broken mess, just scattered pieces of who I am
I tried so hard
Thought I could do this on my own
I've lost so much along the way

Then I see your face
I know I'm finally yours
I find everything I thought I lost before
You call my name
I come to you in pieces
So you can make me whole

Want me to use the whole song, 'cause I can. This is that moment in Stolen Earth when they see each other and just run flat out toward each other. It's also the Doctor pre-Rose/meeting Rose. He was so broken and she made him whole and into a better man. It's Rose after Doomsday and before Stolen Earth. I have so much head canon for those two years and in it, Rose is broken and she's trying to put the pieces of her life back together but it's never quite right until she's back with the Doctor. I also think this idea is beautifully illustrated in Journey's End when Davros is destroying the TARDIS and Rose steps up beside the Doctor and takes his hand. It doesn't hurt less to watch the TARDIS die but he knows he's not alone and he's not broken with her holding his hand. It's something the AU versions of them carry throughout the rest of their life together. The Doctor is better with Rose and she's better with him. Without him, she becomes this force to be reckoned with that is single minded, focused to the point of being destructive. With him, she's Rose.

Waves and the Both of Us | Charlotte Sometimes

I want the moon and the stars
I want the whole nine yards

This one more than all of the others is AU Rose & Doctor. It's sappy, fun, happy , sexy and romantic. It's also got this 'Girl takes charge' sort of vibe to it that Rose has adopted. She's laying down the conditions for things. They've squared away that separated thing so now to get down to the way things are going to be together. To me it 'feels' very much like Rose and the Doctor would be together. Sort of vibey with Tooth and Claw (they were so doing it then).

Modern Myth | 30 Seconds to Mars

Did we create a modern myth
Did we imagine half of it
What happened then, a thought for now

I like the way it sort of acknowledges epic-ness because Rose and the Doctor, whether you ship them post Journey's End or not, were actually epic. I always imagine the few days (weeks) after Doomsday that Rose slept a lot and when she did, she'd wake up and wonder if it was all a dream. Maybe she imagined half of the things they did, said and felt. I think she always came to the conclusion, ultimately, that no she did not but if she it, it was amazing, epic and she wouldn't change a thing. I think this is an attitude that carries her through AU into the actual relationship and life she has with the Doctor. It is epic. It is mythical and she doesn't care if she did imagine it; it was all worth it.

All In | Lifehouse

But you know it's alright
I came to my senses
Letting go of my defenses
There's no way I'm giving up this time
Yeah, you know I'm right here
I'm not losing you this time

Okay, yes so this one is very AU Rose/Doctor as well but damn, he's lost her twice. He doesn't want to do it again. This time he's as committed as Miss 'I went through multiple dimensions multiple times to find you' Tyler. He's tried to move on. She's tried to move on (You know Mickey got his heart broken in Pete's world again) and it just doesn't work for either of them. This time they're there, present and working it all out. It may not be easy but that's okay. They wouldn't know what to do with easy if it bit them on the ass.

Stay | Michelle Featherstone

Would you stay 
Would you stay with me

Eri recced this song to me years ago as a Rose/Doctor song and it's got that heartbreaking sort of pain they do so well together. Rose knows he's going to leave. She's known it since Sarah Jane even if she doesn't want to admit it to herself. This song just reflects that heartbreak and desperation she feels when she thinks about the Doctor leaving. Also, I like it because it was in Wonderfalls when you think Jaye is losing Eric forever and then spoilers HE COMES BACK. So. Nice association.

Right Behind You | James Durbin

Something so familiar
It's like I met you somewhere before, before
I can finish your sentence
I can feel you behind the door, the door
Turn off the headlights
I'll do the pedals and you can steer
Into the darkness
Trust me there's nothing to fear, to fear

This was sort of a late addition because it's a new guy (he was on American Idol and he's adorable) but I thought it very appropriate for them and it works from both points of view. Right from the beginning, Rose and the Doctor clicked. She trusted him and he her, in as much as he ever trusts anyone. It's also got that hopeful, going forward vibe to it that I like for them instead of doom and gloom and it's all going to end badly.

E.T. /Waiting for the End | Justin Robinett & Michael Henry

This is not the end
This is not the beginning

I don't like either of these song separately for them but together I think it makes a fantastic song for Doctor/Rose. Really, I don't have a ton of tl;dr on this one. I just like the mash up and I think it's very them. So, yeah. That's about it.

I Won't Look Back | Need to Breathe

Let’s start over, don’t be afraid cause I won’t keep track 
Let’s climb to the top 
If you won’t look down, I won’t look back 

AU Rose/Doctor (somehow a lot of these ended up on there :D) ANYWAY, it's absolutely necessary that they go forward without being afraid of what's happened in the past happening again. I think this song expresses that. I think it's pretty too. That is all.

Broken | Lifehouse
I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing
With a broken heart that's still beating
In the pain, there is healing
In your name I find meaning
So I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on
I'm barely holdin' on to you

So incredibly them during S3/4: The Doctor telling the witch 'That name keeps me going'; Rose doing everything she did to get the Doctor back and it was not easy, in fact it was nigh impossible. Mostly the image I see when I hear this song is the Doctor, immediately after his hologram told Rose goodby at Bad Wolf Bay. He's got those tears and it's just heart wrenching. He's still holding onto Rose and that keeps him going and breathing. This ties into the hope we see on his face when the Ood tell him she's returning. He's still holding on, he's doing better but it's still about Rose and that shows on his face when he dares to hope she is coming back. It also goes back to The End of Time when he's holding on so hard to get his tour done so that he can see Rose for a few more minutes before he regenerates and it hurts an unimaginable amount but he's holding on, managing to smile and even flirt a little with her because he needs those last few seconds and he's paid so very much to get them.

And that's it guys. A lot of this fanmix does rely on the AU Doctor/Rose relationship I play in Poly. It's also what I listen to often when I'm writing them/for them. I hope you enjoy it!

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