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Sinuses are going insane today. They woke me up earlier than I wanted to be awake which really isn't that early but I detest waking up so I'm always whiny about it whether it's 10AM or 6AM. They're better now. Sitting up and drinking coffee is working wonders.

We've been doing some yard work trying to get things back in shape for spending time out there. Something is going on with the hot tub and we can't figure out what yet. It's leaking from somewhere that's not the drain which it shouldn't be doing. Tony's going to take a look at it today and see if he can tell what's going on.

The weather here has been beautiful lately and we're getting some rain which is so good because we need it desperately. I'm getting anxious for summer. I've got a friend with a pool and she's dying to do pool parties. It's just not quite warm enough to open the pool yet.

I've been reading a lot. I've got a goodreads account and I keep track of what I'm reading on there so if you're interested in what I'm reading this is me. I also have tumblr and I don't blog much but I reblog tons of Doctor Who & Sherlock stuff If you're interested.

As for things I've been doing that aren't yard work or online, I've been subbing some. I'm starting to look into jobs for next school year now that they're posting some of them. No interviews yet but it's early still for that.

Supernatural: I miss Bobby. Sometimes I don't even realise I miss Bobby until I watch one of the older episodes with him in it. I am glad Cas is back. I missed him as well. Overall, I just miss my old show. I want the boys back. I miss them being goofy but sincerely goofy and not stupid for laughs which is what I feel like we're getting a lot now.

Doctor Who: I always have such conflicted feelings. I love Eleven. SO much. I really dislike what they're doing to him and how they're handling things. I miss the Doctor who was always 'no no no weapons'. I feel like things are done for the cheap and easy joke. I feel like I'm being written down to and Doctor Who used to be one of those shows that made you think. Since the 6th season I end up thinking but instead of the thought process being somewhat intelligent it's more '...what? How does that? But you said--KEEP SOMETHING STRAIGHT PLEASE'. I'm not asking for a great deal of continuity because I know it's not something that Doctor Who really needs or specializes in. I am asking for character consistency and that the characters aren't sold out for cheap laughs. I really hope S7 is better but while the trailer got me excited because OMG new Who! I wasn't encouraged that S7 will be better as an arc.

And I'm conflicted because on the whole, I enjoy the episodes individually but as an arc I just end up disgusted. I don't know. In any case, yes still looking forward to S7. The new companions is ALL kinds of adorable and I'm looking very much forward to her.

Being Human: I netflixed this show in like two weeks and I adore it so much. S4 is complicated for me because I loved Mitchell and George so very much. Annie has always been my favorite and she's still there so I keep watching. I'm beginning to like Hal. I don't exactly want to because in some ways I feel like he's Mitchell's replacement and I don't want Mitchell replaced. I still dislike Tom. I want to slap him most of the time. He's dull as a box of rocks personality wise and I want to wax the shit out of his eyebrows.

Sherlock: Can you be here already S3. Thanks, love me.

As for the rest of my shows, I'm still watching. They just evoke less hate in me therefore I feel the need to rant less.

Uhm...I think that's it. Titillating, I know. Y'all have a great week.

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