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likeabulldozer ([personal profile] likeabulldozer) wrote2013-06-05 09:59 pm

It's Alive!

Hi! This just in: I forget to update my journal all of the time.

However, this is an update and I'm probably going to ramble a lot about weight and working out and going to Europe and things so the rest of the entry is going under a cut.

Background first I guess. For the last several years I've been struggling with at least twenty pounds that I've wanted to lose. No, it's not an astounding amount of weight. I know this, but I'm five foot and twenty extra pounds on me looks like a lot. On top of all of that I was getting the grandma arms. I didn't like the way I looked in clothes and generally my self esteem was in the crapper.

SO about eleven weeks ago I started getting serious. Joined a gym started with a boot camp then transitioned to a personal trainer once a week and classes or personal gym time at least two times a week, sometimes three. I've been watching what I eat and I've really been working my ass off. I got super discouraged when I actually gained weight instead of losing it. I finally decided to just stay off the scale because I am seeing a difference. I have muscles in my arms now and my legs. My waist is getting smaller and I'm actually to the point where I don't hate how I look in clothes. My self esteem is going up and I'm really pleased with myself. I hope I can keep it up and eventually get to a point where I like the way I look.

Now, things that are more fun. In less than a month I will be in Europe with my best friend, my husband, my son and several other friends. We're hitting London, Cardiff then Edinburgh, Scotland, Belfast, Londonderry and Dublin in Ireland. We'll be gone for 13 days. I can't even begin to describe how excited I am, or how anal I am getting about packing already. There are very few things I get anal about, but packing is one of them. I literally tossed a pair of PJs in my suitcase today. I figured I'm not going to wear them and they're the ones I want on my trip so why shouldn't I start packing? I'll be in full packing mode in less than two weeks I'm sure because that's just the way I am.

The only sad part of my trip is I have to leave my little pomeranian at the boarders for the duration of the trip. He's never been away from me that long so I'm sad. He'll be sad, but they take good care of him there so I'm not worried.

We have a new dog. He's from the SPCA and his name is Sirius, as in Black. He's kind of hilarious. He's an inside/outside dog and he does this thing where he'll randomly just run up to you in the house and lick you. The three pound pomeranian bosses him around. He's an akita mix and fairly large.


I need to start doing it again. I was doing fantastic for a while then my schedule got mucked up and I let the writing slip. I have to get back to it because I still like my book, my characters and my ideas. I need to just make time for it more often.

Uhm...let's see. What else? For the mo' I think that's it. Hopefully I'll remember to update more often?

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