Oct. 13th, 2011

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So tomorrow night at this time I will be in Lubbock at a Taylor Swift concert with Lisa. I am ridonkulously excited about this. There will probably be pictures.

As a result, tonight I am too restless to concentrate on ANYTHING at all. I've been doing some packing and such. Really I'm about ready to go except for last minute things.

Last weekend Tony, Dustin and I went to Red River, New Mexico for a little mini vacay. It was nice. We did some fishing but did not catch anything. It snowed there but wasn't terribly cold. All in all, nice trip and very relaxing. We kind of needed it. In the middle of football season it gets crazy with Tony refereeing everywhere and home so little.

I've been subbing. Not as much as I'd like but I've also been busy with other things. Tomorrow I go to the eye doctor because man lately it seems like I can't see anything. I'm going to get new glasses provided my prescription has actually changed then I'm going to pack up, pick the kid up early and prepare to be a teenage girl.

Saturday we're going to a tech game with Wyatt and Lisa. It should be a great, fun weekend.

Ya'll have a great weekend!

Oh! And I actually wrote some mini fic that's going to get an entry after this.
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In the finale of Doctor Who this season there was a one off line by Eleven where he said that if he wanted to he'd go help Rose Tyler with her homework. I wanted fic immediately. Today I was bored at work and this was spawned. It's just a little bit of a scene that could be expanded upon later. Possibly:

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