Jan. 11th, 2012

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Apparently not necessary but good. I figure I should probably use this since I moved and everything.

Things are pretty calm around here. Alabama Crimson Tide won the National Championship which was awesome. Really fun game to watch. Dustin went back to school over break this week. He's doing so so. His grades are crap but his behavior and attitude in general are good. He's bright. He just doesn't apply himself so for the moment I'm taking good attitude and good behavior and trying to motivate the rest. It's a far cry from some of the school experience we've had with him in the past. I sub a lot at his school and surprisingly, I think he likes having me there on a semi regular basis. I rarely see him but he knows I'm there anyway and he likes it.

Today I had to get up early to get my car from town (we left it there Monday night in prep for the drink fest) so I hit the grocery store while I was at it. The wind is horrible here today and while the girl was putting my groceries in the trunk, the wind blew the trunk down and smashed my fingers. Nothing is broken just very badly gouged/gashed. There was a good amount of blood. I have Barbie band aids and chocolate though so I'm good. Yes, I'm six. I had just bought the Barbie band aids in the store too. I'd run out of girly ones. The boys have tough strip, regular MAN band aids. I have hello kitty, sushi & barbie.

For Christmas I got Doctor Who S3-5. I've already got 1 & 2 and I've re-watched 3. Now I'm re-watching s4. I love S4 a lot, not just for the Rose arc (which okay big reason for me to like it) but because it's just fantastic stuff. Donna is amazing. Ten has some of his greatest moments I think. Good stuff.

I've also recently gotten into Sherlock. I really liked S1 and I've just started S2. I've got Misfits on my to watch list and I'm going to watch Secret Diary of Call Girl because Billie Piper is gorgeous. Really, it's the only reason and I think it's the best one.

I signed up to read 100 books this year. Last year I managed 109 so I should be okay.

My main RP game is moving to Dreamwidth and I'm happy about that. I could read LJ entries alright and the changes weren't the greatest but I could deal with them. My problem with LJ is the way we get treated. All of that being said, if everyone stayed, I probably would to. I am still cross-posting these things to LJ but I am excited about the move.

If I RP with you or if you're just curious what I'm doing/who I'm playing/etc you can look at my Dreamwidth muselist here. [Unknown site tag] is my muse box and anyone can friend it as well. I'm not too picky on things. I'm still tweaking the whole thing because I'm probably not certain what I want to do with it.

All right, gonna wrap it up. Have a brilliant day!


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