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In the finale of Doctor Who this season there was a one off line by Eleven where he said that if he wanted to he'd go help Rose Tyler with her homework. I wanted fic immediately. Today I was bored at work and this was spawned. It's just a little bit of a scene that could be expanded upon later. Possibly:

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So I've been busy, busy, busy. Still student teaching and wrapping things all up for graduation which is in two weeks. That doesn't even seem possible and yet I'm so glad it's close. I'm anxious to graduate and often have that 'I should be doing something but I don't know what' feeling. Student teaching is great. There's rarely a morning I don't wake up and want to crawl back in bed but that has noting to do with the kids and more to do with me not being a morning person. Once I get to school, it's fun. I don't necessarily enjoy teaching them grammar but they usually end up amusing me over something in the lesson. Sometimes they even surprise me.

This week they've been doing TAKS testing stuff and so as a bit of a break I've shown them Doctor Who. Today we watched The Shakespeare Code (totally English. It has Shakespeare in it!) and they really liked it. They *did* ask me if Ten was on speed. I was like...well no but he is very bouncy then they wanted to know if he was crazy and since he's pretty maniac at that point in the series I was like 'Kind of?'. Tomorrow we're watching this year's Christmas Special because it's loosely based on Dickens A Christmas Carol if you squint. I'll have to explain to them that the Doctor regenerates and it's the same guy, different body.

This morning the little dogs got skunked. Sort of a glancing blow so they smell but not horribly. I threw them in their crate and bathed them when I got home this afternoon. They're still a bit skunky however it is better than they were pre-bath.

The tornadoes in Tuscaloosa are difficult to hear about. We have friends there and it's one of Tony's favorite places. Our friends have been lucky and are alright with the exception of one guy in the hospital who will be okay. Nature is just giving them a beating. It's scary for sure.

This weekend Lisa and Wyatt are coming up. We're going to work on the deck and just hang out. I think Lisa and I are going to see Water for Elephants. I read the book and really enjoyed it so I'm looking forward to seeing how they adapt it to a movie. That being said (the company part not the movie part) my house is a wreck. Between teaching and my own school and just life in general I haven't really had time to do anything to the house outside of keep our head above water. Once I graduate I'm going to have to do some major cleaning.

On the job front, I haven't heard anything but I'm not too discouraged yet. Everyone is saying 'At least June maybe July' which seems like forever to twiddle my thumbs. It's just not a good time to become a teacher if you'd like to get a job.

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