Mar. 27th, 2012 10:35 am
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Sinuses are going insane today. They woke me up earlier than I wanted to be awake which really isn't that early but I detest waking up so I'm always whiny about it whether it's 10AM or 6AM. They're better now. Sitting up and drinking coffee is working wonders.

We've been doing some yard work trying to get things back in shape for spending time out there. Something is going on with the hot tub and we can't figure out what yet. It's leaking from somewhere that's not the drain which it shouldn't be doing. Tony's going to take a look at it today and see if he can tell what's going on.

The weather here has been beautiful lately and we're getting some rain which is so good because we need it desperately. I'm getting anxious for summer. I've got a friend with a pool and she's dying to do pool parties. It's just not quite warm enough to open the pool yet.

I've been reading a lot. I've got a goodreads account and I keep track of what I'm reading on there so if you're interested in what I'm reading this is me. I also have tumblr and I don't blog much but I reblog tons of Doctor Who & Sherlock stuff If you're interested.

As for things I've been doing that aren't yard work or online, I've been subbing some. I'm starting to look into jobs for next school year now that they're posting some of them. No interviews yet but it's early still for that.

Some TV things. Mostly not spoilers but could be )

Uhm...I think that's it. Titillating, I know. Y'all have a great week.
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I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies, #1)I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It was pretty good. I'm not a huge sci fi person but this one appealed. I wasn't crazy about the romance storyline just because sometimes the teen angst 'omg so special' gets old with me. It's a fairly original take on things and it pokes fun at itself. The first half is a little slow but the second half really took off and was totally action packed.

I'm psyched for the movie even more so now since I know what's going on.

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Uh. Okay. So not much of an update. Things are good. It's cold. I'm ready for summer. I'd rather see it 100 degrees then below zero with windchill.

I caught up to The Vampire Diaries. Still really like the silly show while accepting and acknowledging it's just silly. I'm up to the 11th episode of FNL's final season. This makes me sad. It's a great show but it makes me sad that it's ending.

The last Castle episode was so fantastic. The show makes me happy. Supernatural. New episode now please. Dr Who can you start already?

That's it. Brief. Have a good day ya'll!
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I had my first day of class yesterday. It was classroom management and it's a three hour class. I've had several of those and honestly I don't mind them. This one was a bit uncomfortable just because it's packed and I'm very restless when I sit. I shift and fidget and move around a lot. The kiddo gets his inability to sit still from both me and Tony. Anyway in this class I always feel like I'm going to end up bumping into the people next to me or bother them with my shifting and fidgeting. So far the class is pretty much what I expected and that's good.

I've been really working on making sure I do some kind of exercise every day. I would like to lose 20lbs before this summer. I say would like to instead of making it an actual goal because I'm horrible at making goals and completing them. I'm better at just deciding I'd like to do something and move toward it as best I can without making myself crazy. So anyway, exercise of some kind every day. I've done really well since Monday. I either do Wii stuff or (and class helps me here) I count my mile one way walk from the parking lot to the building the class is in then after class I take eleven flights of stairs down to the ground floor. I'm not insane enough or in shape enough to take the stairs up. Sometimes if I have time and I'm feeling ambitious I'll do both.

Kid is doing better in school I think. After a break we always have this period of him settling back into the routine and getting on track. He's really sweet. He's very excited about me being in his school this semester for my student teaching even though I probably won't see him at all because he's middle school and I'll be in the high school.

The Vampire Diaries Stuff--Season 1 so no real spoilers for most people )

I'm looking forward to new Supernatural. I'd like for it to be now please. I'm hoping we'll finally be moving beyond the plot I don't like to something I do like.

Still reading a lot although right now it's The Morganville Vampires books because I'm canon reviewing for Myrnin. I'm trying to take notes as well because so much of what you learn about Myrnin in these books comes from the other characters rather than him. Since he's kind of batshit insane it's hard to trust what he says about himself. I may have figured out how to place his age a bit better. At what point in English history did people start using last names? My Medieval Survey class went over this a little bit but since it was a survey class there were giant leaps of time left out. In any case Myrnin gets referred to as Lord Myrnin of Conroy, the way he would have been at a time period before they started using last names.

My connection speed for some reason lately is sucking hard. I'm gonna have to call my wireless company and talk to them about how ridiculous it is. I'll end up doing it at night because the late night tech support will actually do something for you rather than open a ticket and refer you down to someone else. Undoubtedly along the way the open ticket gets lost, nothing gets done and it's just stupid. I hate our internet provider but unfortunately living out in BFE it's the best option we've got right now.
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Sometimes there are just days it doesn't pay to try.

In other news, I'm watching S1 of The Vampire Diaries and I actually *like* it this time around? Caroline is so much love. I swear she's my OC Lucy made over which makes it fun to watch her.
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/fails at updating.

So this month has been crazy. School decided to kick my butt. I had papers and tests and presentations. Poly was insane but in a good way. Everything is chill now for at least a little while which is nice. I like feeling like I'm on top of things even if it is just an illusion.

The kiddo also decided to go crazy this month. Nothing major. Just kid stuff but piled on top of everything else, I was ready to lock myself in a closet and refuse to speak to anyone.

That is over.


Well Kid is still grounded but I swear that's like a state of normal for him now. He's not even a teenager yet.

Tony's football season is almost over which means life gets to return to more normal. I'm looking forward to it. He loves football season so I think he'll miss it a little.

TV spoilers; SPN, FNL, Castle Mostly )

I signed up for Nano this year. I skipped it last year because I failed horribly in 2008 because of lack of time. I don't really have any more time this year but I think in general I manage it better. My original writing muse is happy so I'm pandering to her for the moment. I'm kristi1218 on nano if anyone attempting it wants to add me.

Every Halloween the fiction magazine at my college does a Weird & Creepy Stories contest/submissions deal. I didn't participate last year because really I've gotten so much better at time management. Anyway, this year I submitted something sort of last minute and it actually got published. I was super excited (probably the reason my muse is happy) and now that the magazine is out here's the story I wrote:

What is and What Never Should Be )


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