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I used to do 100 word drabbles all the time and it's a fun challenge as well as a achievable one. Here's the table for my challenge. I'll link the drabbles a bit at a time here and they'll always be put up in [community profile] musewrite.

001.Fast 002.Slow 003.Drink 004.Dark 005.Light
006.Sleep 007.Awake 008.Scent 009.Glass 010.Reflection
011.Food 012.Cold 013.Hot 014.Now 015.Never
016.Fear 017.Laughter 018.Naked 019.Shop 020.Music
021.Alone 022.Crowded 023.New 024.Old 025.Game
026.Run 027.Stay 028.Try 029.Want 030.Sold
031.Bruise 032.Technology 033.Connection 034.Pain 035.Celebrate
036.Discover 037.Gold 038.Silver 039.Slip 040.Luck
041.Cage 042.Scars 043.Last 044.Holiday 045.Strong
046.Water 047.Love 048.Beauty 049.Air 050.Normal
051.Death 052.Lost 053.Found 054.Animal 055.Smile
056.Learn 057.Work 058.Dream 059.Hunt 060.Fire
061.Cook 062.Wait 063.Fight 064.Reconcile 065.Paint
066.Money 067.Desire 068.Wooden 069.Kiss 070.Power
071.Phone 072.Time 073.Sight 074.Color 075.Stage
076.Apology 077.Help 078.Radio 079.Allergy 080.Photos
081.Family 082.Friends 083.Peace 084.War 085.Parent
086.Junk 087.Hobby 088.Art 089.Sex 090.Jewelry
091.Trap 092.Sun 093.Moon 094.Rain 095.Travel
096.Writer's Choice 097.Writer's Choice 098.Writer's Choice 099.Writer's Choice 100.Writer's Choice
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Fall is coming so quickly. I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for it. The weather here has been gorgeous lately, low eighties and high seventies. It's been great for my running program. I'm on the second week and so far I'm handling it pretty well. I'm sore from running and that's a good thing. I took a week off because I worked a whole week. I'm enjoying running (so far), but not enough to get up at five in the morning to do it.

I'm 'doing' Nano this year. I spent most of October preparing for it. So far, I'm doing really well. I've got a loose outline of where I'm going with it. The characters are very solid and real in my head. I'm plotting out little goals for each day that will (I hope) help me keep the story moving and my writing on track. My biggest problem with nano in the last few years has been not having a solid idea of where I'm going with things.

Tv )

Kiddo is doing pretty well. High School football is almost over. We're eating tomatoes from our tomato plant. It took a while to get tomatoes because we had blight and then my poor plant had to be cut back. It's a bit late in the season, but I do have tomatoes. It's pretty cool. I'm optimistic about next year being better since we've got an idea of how to actually grow things.

Y'all have a great weekend and good luck with all the nano things!


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