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Not an update but there's a tiny ficlet.

It counts right? And tiny update as well. Things are good. I have a new fandom. I watched the UK version of Being Human in about a week and I love it so much. I'm a bit afraid of how the new season is going to go. I am going to watch though.

This was my first time doing some prompt writing in a very long time and it was fun. I'm going to go do some more now so expect more tiny ficlets in the future.


Nights are the hardest for Annie; the house is silent; Mitchell and George are asleep. Sometimes she slips in the bedrooms and sits beside the bed listening to George snore before she moves onto Mitchell's room. He's more interesting to watch because he doesn't snore; he murmurs in his sleep. It's never anything coherent and barely loud enough to hear but if she kneels beside the bed and leans close she can just tell that there are words. She sits there with her elbows on the bed, her chin in her hands until it occurs to her that this is creepy and she moves on to wander the streets, looking in through windows and drifting past night clubs.

It's the nights when Annie feels alone; she feels empty, cold and dead but it's the mornings when she feels alive. She gets the coffee going when she hears the boys rustling in their beds, eggs go on the stove to poach when she hears George turn off the shower. Bacon goes in the skillet when Mitchell gets in the shower and everything is on the table by the time they both wander downstairs. Most of the time, the mornings are too busy for anyone to sit so the kitchen is a storm of food trading hands, laughing, talking about the day to come and Annie is the eye of the storm, that calm center to everyone's morning, including herself.

Nights are the hardest for Annie, but all of her mornings with both of her boys make up for it.
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I don't know the fandom, but I do love the fic. I really adore your writing. :) <3

And new fandoms are fun, so hurray for that! \o/
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That's a good idea! I don't usually write ficlets until after I've played with the characters for a bit, but I should try doing what you do...
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...I swear I had joined that comm. Oh well. /goes to do so now

One of my resolutions was to write more, so hopefully this'll give me a bit of a kick! :)