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I live

Mostly anyway. It's been forever since I updated. For a while I was just so busy with the long term sub job I had and now I'm just out of the habit/too lazy.

Things have been good. We haven't had any disasters happen. My car hasn't even been in the shop lately. Kiddo is doing okay in school. He's got a girlfriend and he's convinced he can't go one day without seeing her. It's not his first girlfriend, but it's the first one he's been this crazy about or that's lasted this long. I say this long; it's only been three weeks or so, but that's a life time for him.

Tony is busy with football, as always this time of year. I ran over Dustin's dog about three weeks ago. She's fine. We did take her to the vet but she'd cracked her sacrum and loosened one of her hips a little out of socket. Since then, she's healed up completely. She runs a little with one leg a bit stiffer than the other, but she's able to jump on the couch and do all the running she did before without any problem.

I'm really enjoying some of the new TV on this season. I like 666 Park Avenue a good deal more than I thought I would. Last Resort is good and Revolution has been fun. I also really, surprisingly, liked Arrow. I'm looking forward to seeing where that's going to go. I hope they don't screw it up, but it's the CW so there's a dang good chance they will.

I've got a plant full of late tomatoes that I'm really hoping will ripen before it gets too cold. We've already had to bring it in once to protect it from early frost. It warmed back up here so the plant went back outside because really we don't get enough sunlight inside for a tomato plant.

A couple of months ago, I made the move from a PC to a Macbook Pro and I love it so much. Everything just seems more intuitive and easier to use. Everything runs faster on my mac and I can take it with me places a lot more easily than I could my PC. I thought it would take me a lot longer to get used to it than it did, but really after a couple of days, I was doing well with it.

I've decided I do want to attempt Nano this year. I haven't the last couple of years because college got in the way. This year, I should have some time to do it. In preparation for that, I'm trying to get into the habit of writing nice sized chunks of stuff in the morning before I do anything else. The last couple of days, I've written 2500 a day. I am going to try and keep that up. With that in mind, I'm starting a word count. I'd like to write 100,000 by the end of the year:

Y'all have a fantastic day.
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Awww, girlfriend. c: That's cute.

And that's interesting about the PC/Mac transition! I've actually been debating getting a Mac for awhile now - my current laptop is falling apart and I have to use it like a desktop because the monitor is broken - but all my current Mac friends have been Mac users for years and years so I wasn't sure how I'd handle going from a PC to Mac.

Good luck with Nano! This is the first time I'll have the chance to do it without college classes and exams looming over my head, so I'd like to do it, but I also don't have any real ideas I want to expand out. I might just take the month and challenge myself to see if I can finish this fic I've started writing.
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Oh, that's definitely interesting to know re: the trac pad! o: Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of the trac pad on my current laptop, but my desk is always too cluttered for me to use a mouse properly so I just deal with it.

Thank you for the helpful input! Now to see if I can save up enough from work to buy a Mac of some sort.
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I need to start watching 666 Park Avenue.

There is almost nothing better than homegrown tomatoes, so I hope they ripen up for you! So delicious. Do you sprinkle a bit of salt on them and eat them like apples? I do and I love eating them that way.