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More Young!Rose/Eleven fic

Yeah this is probably going to be a series now.

“Tom was right, you're not worth it.”

The car squealed away from the curb leaving a teary eyed, disheveled Rose Tyler in it's wake. She wrapped her arms around her waist, tugging her hoody a bit closer as she attempted to figure out what the hell she was going to do now.

“He's wrong you know. Him and Tom Whathisname.”

A young man in a tweed suit and a bowtie pushed away from a nearby building to come stand next to Rose.

“Yeah, whaddya know?”

She was trying not to cry, not to be mortified by the public rejection.

“How old are you? Fourteen? Twenty-two? Eleven? Good number, eleven.”

“Sixteen.” He was getting one of those 'are you mad' looks from her but likely he was so accustomed to getting them he didn't notice.

“Oh. Hard age that one is. Not that I remember it mind you. Still, a girl told me once: hard age.”

The girl had been an older Rose Tyler and it'd been a late night confession to the same man with a different face.

“It's fine. I'm fine.” She swiped at her face with the sleeve of her hoody and gave the man a thorough sort of look. “Weren't you my tutor a couple of years ago?”

The remembrance got her a big grin and he bounced a bit on his toes. “Yes, I was. Good memory, Rose Tyler. Better than fine. Brilliant. You're brilliant and don't let anybody tell you different. Especially not Tom or...Jim? Joe? Jack?”

“Fred. His name is Fred.”

“Right. Prat's what that one is. Ought to stick with Mickey. Harmless one he is.” And that was the whole point. He liked harmless boys in the vicinity of one Rose Tyler regardless of her age. “'Least 'til a bloke with enormous ears and a good sized nose comes along then you can stick with him. Good bloke that one'll be. Not as good as me but that's a bit down the line. Or before the line. Wibbley wobbley line...Anyway! Bit broody but then you're good with those types.”

Rose stared at him, smile overtaking shock. “Yeah...I'll look out for him. How'd you know Mickey?”

“Must have mentioned him during the tutoring. Come on then, I'll buy you chips and a milkshake. Love milkshakes. Ice cream, drink, can't make up it's mind. Ever dip the chips in the milkshake? Bit of salt, bit of sweet. Nice combination.” He crooked his arm out, extending it to Rose. She tucked her hand in his arm, Fred all but forgotten.

“Chips and milkshakes, yeah? S'pose I can do that.” And it saved her the horror of recounting what happened with Fred to anyone.

When he looked down at her, a smile curved her lips and the tears were long gone from her eyes.

“Now about this bloke with the ears...” She had that curious look on her face. He waved a hand in dismissal.

“Oh, I wouldn't worry about him. He'll find you.”

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