Dec. 29th, 2011

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I had a fantastic Christmas. I hope you guys did as well. I got a Kindle Fire from Tony and a towel warmer. It is the best thing after a bubble bath. Dustin got way too many x-box games and I'm doomed to spend the rest of Christmas break watching him play X-box. He had a great Christmas though so that was nice.

Sinuses are in full swing so that means I spend a lot more days with headaches. It's just something I've gotten used to. I've been subbing a lot. Naturally not lately because of Christmas break. There are days I love it and other days I want to strangle kids so pretty much par for the course.

I'm kind of looking forward to the New Year being here and a fresh start. Sure I know I can make my resolutions now and start them up but the new year always seems like a nice time to start things. Not that I've made resolutions but I've got some ideas in mind.

RP drabble-y things

I did these for some people. Might as well post them.


Without his consent, the redhead has wriggled her way from her proper column, girls Dean would like to sleep with and into the 'people Dean protects' column; honestly it's the better column to be in anyway.


There are days she looks at him and all she feels is guilt: guilt for being who she is, the way she is, guilt for making his life more confusing then it has to be, guilt for keeping him close instead of turning him loose to find a 'good girl', guilt for all the crazy that she knows will come, guilt for saddling him with all her issues; all the guilt is tempered by the fact that most days she looks at him and all she feels is happy.


Rose sits for hours with her back to the console, fingers looped through the floor grates and tears trickling down her cheeks; she can feel the way the TARDIS aches lancing through her, mingling with her own pain and somehow, despite the fact that she's dying, giving Rose hope; there can't be anywhere in the universe safe from this much hurt, this much pain; last time they'd lost him, they'd unlaced time and space, shoved bits in then undone everything to get him back; there's no question they'll do it all over again; there never has been.


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