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2010-08-24 05:03 pm

[sticky entry] Sticky: To Read Makes Our Speaking English Better

First entry! Yay!

I am in geeky school supply heaven. I went today and got notebooks and pens and folders for school. I start back on Monday. It's my last 'full' semester before I start student teaching and then I graduate. It seems like it's coming up really fast and then at the same time I know it's a while away. I'm taking advanced grammar this fall. I'm looking forward to it because I need it. The whys and whats of grammar are a weakness. In practice I do alright with it. I just can't explain it. Obviously this has to be remedied.

The kiddo started school this week. He's liking it so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that seventh grade will be better than sixth grade. In general he is more mature this year which was a big problem last year.

As to WHY I have a new journal, I just felt like I needed a new start in life soooo that's what this is.

Now some pictures from our mini vacation in Colorado this summer:

big pictures )

Have a great day!
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2011-04-28 11:24 pm

[sticky entry] Sticky: It's all about the running

So I've been busy, busy, busy. Still student teaching and wrapping things all up for graduation which is in two weeks. That doesn't even seem possible and yet I'm so glad it's close. I'm anxious to graduate and often have that 'I should be doing something but I don't know what' feeling. Student teaching is great. There's rarely a morning I don't wake up and want to crawl back in bed but that has noting to do with the kids and more to do with me not being a morning person. Once I get to school, it's fun. I don't necessarily enjoy teaching them grammar but they usually end up amusing me over something in the lesson. Sometimes they even surprise me.

This week they've been doing TAKS testing stuff and so as a bit of a break I've shown them Doctor Who. Today we watched The Shakespeare Code (totally English. It has Shakespeare in it!) and they really liked it. They *did* ask me if Ten was on speed. I was like...well no but he is very bouncy then they wanted to know if he was crazy and since he's pretty maniac at that point in the series I was like 'Kind of?'. Tomorrow we're watching this year's Christmas Special because it's loosely based on Dickens A Christmas Carol if you squint. I'll have to explain to them that the Doctor regenerates and it's the same guy, different body.

This morning the little dogs got skunked. Sort of a glancing blow so they smell but not horribly. I threw them in their crate and bathed them when I got home this afternoon. They're still a bit skunky however it is better than they were pre-bath.

The tornadoes in Tuscaloosa are difficult to hear about. We have friends there and it's one of Tony's favorite places. Our friends have been lucky and are alright with the exception of one guy in the hospital who will be okay. Nature is just giving them a beating. It's scary for sure.

This weekend Lisa and Wyatt are coming up. We're going to work on the deck and just hang out. I think Lisa and I are going to see Water for Elephants. I read the book and really enjoyed it so I'm looking forward to seeing how they adapt it to a movie. That being said (the company part not the movie part) my house is a wreck. Between teaching and my own school and just life in general I haven't really had time to do anything to the house outside of keep our head above water. Once I graduate I'm going to have to do some major cleaning.

On the job front, I haven't heard anything but I'm not too discouraged yet. Everyone is saying 'At least June maybe July' which seems like forever to twiddle my thumbs. It's just not a good time to become a teacher if you'd like to get a job.

I'll just leave this here

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2017-01-09 01:46 pm
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Muse List

TV or Movies

Allison Argent
Teen Wolf
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Audrey Parker
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Barry Allen
The Flash
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Beth Greene
The Walking Dead
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Buffy Summers
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Claire Temple
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Del Spooner
I, Robot
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The Doctor (Eleven)
Doctor Who
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Elena Gilbert
The Vampire Diaries
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Eric Northman
True Blood
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Inara Serra
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Jessica Jones
[Bad username or unknown identity: “thingsthatshine”]Open Post

Lorelai Gilmore
Gilmore Girls
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Matt Murdock
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Nathan Wuornos
[Bad username or unknown identity: “thingsthatshine”], Open Post

Peter Parker
The Amazing Spider-Man
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Peter Petrelli
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Rose Tyler
Doctor Who
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Tim Riggins
Friday Night Lights
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Will Gorski
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Annabeth Chase
Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus/ Magnus Chase
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Augustus Waters
The Fault in Our Stars
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Ava Orlova
Forever Red
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Isabel Culpepper
The Wolves of Mercy Falls
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Peeta Mellark
The Hunge Games
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Richard Campbell Gansey III
The Raven Cycle
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[profile] gamename, [profile] gamename

Ronan Niall Lynch
The Raven Cycle
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Tobias Eaten “Four”
[Bad username or unknown identity: “thingsthatshine”]Open Post

Original Characters

Emily Borges
[Bad username or unknown identity: “thingsthatshine”]Open Post

Gracie Cannell
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Lucy Locke
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Sawyer Thomas
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2015-08-27 07:50 pm

Will you wash it first?

This is just a moment; let it pass
Inara Serra
♕ Firefly/Serenity
We're all lost in the woods
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2013-06-05 09:59 pm

It's Alive!

Hi! This just in: I forget to update my journal all of the time.

However, this is an update and I'm probably going to ramble a lot about weight and working out and going to Europe and things so the rest of the entry is going under a cut.

I don't know which way I've come )
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2013-01-17 10:40 pm

[community profile] musewrite Drabble Challenge

I used to do 100 word drabbles all the time and it's a fun challenge as well as a achievable one. Here's the table for my challenge. I'll link the drabbles a bit at a time here and they'll always be put up in [community profile] musewrite.

001.Fast 002.Slow 003.Drink 004.Dark 005.Light
006.Sleep 007.Awake 008.Scent 009.Glass 010.Reflection
011.Food 012.Cold 013.Hot 014.Now 015.Never
016.Fear 017.Laughter 018.Naked 019.Shop 020.Music
021.Alone 022.Crowded 023.New 024.Old 025.Game
026.Run 027.Stay 028.Try 029.Want 030.Sold
031.Bruise 032.Technology 033.Connection 034.Pain 035.Celebrate
036.Discover 037.Gold 038.Silver 039.Slip 040.Luck
041.Cage 042.Scars 043.Last 044.Holiday 045.Strong
046.Water 047.Love 048.Beauty 049.Air 050.Normal
051.Death 052.Lost 053.Found 054.Animal 055.Smile
056.Learn 057.Work 058.Dream 059.Hunt 060.Fire
061.Cook 062.Wait 063.Fight 064.Reconcile 065.Paint
066.Money 067.Desire 068.Wooden 069.Kiss 070.Power
071.Phone 072.Time 073.Sight 074.Color 075.Stage
076.Apology 077.Help 078.Radio 079.Allergy 080.Photos
081.Family 082.Friends 083.Peace 084.War 085.Parent
086.Junk 087.Hobby 088.Art 089.Sex 090.Jewelry
091.Trap 092.Sun 093.Moon 094.Rain 095.Travel
096.Writer's Choice 097.Writer's Choice 098.Writer's Choice 099.Writer's Choice 100.Writer's Choice
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2012-12-20 11:23 pm
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Fictional Heroes Paper

This is a paper I wrote in advanced comp. We were supposed to used mixed media. I *think* the links are still working.

Why Fictional Heroes Matter )

Works Cited
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Whedon, Joss. "Chosen." Buffy the Vampire Slayer. UPN. Los Angeles, CA, 20 May 2003. Television.
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2012-11-02 05:26 pm

Nano November

Fall is coming so quickly. I'm not entirely sure I'm ready for it. The weather here has been gorgeous lately, low eighties and high seventies. It's been great for my running program. I'm on the second week and so far I'm handling it pretty well. I'm sore from running and that's a good thing. I took a week off because I worked a whole week. I'm enjoying running (so far), but not enough to get up at five in the morning to do it.

I'm 'doing' Nano this year. I spent most of October preparing for it. So far, I'm doing really well. I've got a loose outline of where I'm going with it. The characters are very solid and real in my head. I'm plotting out little goals for each day that will (I hope) help me keep the story moving and my writing on track. My biggest problem with nano in the last few years has been not having a solid idea of where I'm going with things.

Tv )

Kiddo is doing pretty well. High School football is almost over. We're eating tomatoes from our tomato plant. It took a while to get tomatoes because we had blight and then my poor plant had to be cut back. It's a bit late in the season, but I do have tomatoes. It's pretty cool. I'm optimistic about next year being better since we've got an idea of how to actually grow things.

Y'all have a great weekend and good luck with all the nano things!
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2012-10-16 11:27 am

I live

Mostly anyway. It's been forever since I updated. For a while I was just so busy with the long term sub job I had and now I'm just out of the habit/too lazy.

Things have been good. We haven't had any disasters happen. My car hasn't even been in the shop lately. Kiddo is doing okay in school. He's got a girlfriend and he's convinced he can't go one day without seeing her. It's not his first girlfriend, but it's the first one he's been this crazy about or that's lasted this long. I say this long; it's only been three weeks or so, but that's a life time for him.

Tony is busy with football, as always this time of year. I ran over Dustin's dog about three weeks ago. She's fine. We did take her to the vet but she'd cracked her sacrum and loosened one of her hips a little out of socket. Since then, she's healed up completely. She runs a little with one leg a bit stiffer than the other, but she's able to jump on the couch and do all the running she did before without any problem.

I'm really enjoying some of the new TV on this season. I like 666 Park Avenue a good deal more than I thought I would. Last Resort is good and Revolution has been fun. I also really, surprisingly, liked Arrow. I'm looking forward to seeing where that's going to go. I hope they don't screw it up, but it's the CW so there's a dang good chance they will.

I've got a plant full of late tomatoes that I'm really hoping will ripen before it gets too cold. We've already had to bring it in once to protect it from early frost. It warmed back up here so the plant went back outside because really we don't get enough sunlight inside for a tomato plant.

A couple of months ago, I made the move from a PC to a Macbook Pro and I love it so much. Everything just seems more intuitive and easier to use. Everything runs faster on my mac and I can take it with me places a lot more easily than I could my PC. I thought it would take me a lot longer to get used to it than it did, but really after a couple of days, I was doing well with it.

I've decided I do want to attempt Nano this year. I haven't the last couple of years because college got in the way. This year, I should have some time to do it. In preparation for that, I'm trying to get into the habit of writing nice sized chunks of stuff in the morning before I do anything else. The last couple of days, I've written 2500 a day. I am going to try and keep that up. With that in mind, I'm starting a word count. I'd like to write 100,000 by the end of the year:

Y'all have a fantastic day.
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2012-03-27 10:35 am


Sinuses are going insane today. They woke me up earlier than I wanted to be awake which really isn't that early but I detest waking up so I'm always whiny about it whether it's 10AM or 6AM. They're better now. Sitting up and drinking coffee is working wonders.

We've been doing some yard work trying to get things back in shape for spending time out there. Something is going on with the hot tub and we can't figure out what yet. It's leaking from somewhere that's not the drain which it shouldn't be doing. Tony's going to take a look at it today and see if he can tell what's going on.

The weather here has been beautiful lately and we're getting some rain which is so good because we need it desperately. I'm getting anxious for summer. I've got a friend with a pool and she's dying to do pool parties. It's just not quite warm enough to open the pool yet.

I've been reading a lot. I've got a goodreads account and I keep track of what I'm reading on there so if you're interested in what I'm reading this is me. I also have tumblr and I don't blog much but I reblog tons of Doctor Who & Sherlock stuff If you're interested.

As for things I've been doing that aren't yard work or online, I've been subbing some. I'm starting to look into jobs for next school year now that they're posting some of them. No interviews yet but it's early still for that.

Some TV things. Mostly not spoilers but could be )

Uhm...I think that's it. Titillating, I know. Y'all have a great week.
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2012-02-28 08:14 pm

Not an update but there's a tiny ficlet.

It counts right? And tiny update as well. Things are good. I have a new fandom. I watched the UK version of Being Human in about a week and I love it so much. I'm a bit afraid of how the new season is going to go. I am going to watch though.

This was my first time doing some prompt writing in a very long time and it was fun. I'm going to go do some more now so expect more tiny ficlets in the future.


Nights are the hardest for Annie; the house is silent; Mitchell and George are asleep. Sometimes she slips in the bedrooms and sits beside the bed listening to George snore before she moves onto Mitchell's room. He's more interesting to watch because he doesn't snore; he murmurs in his sleep. It's never anything coherent and barely loud enough to hear but if she kneels beside the bed and leans close she can just tell that there are words. She sits there with her elbows on the bed, her chin in her hands until it occurs to her that this is creepy and she moves on to wander the streets, looking in through windows and drifting past night clubs.

It's the nights when Annie feels alone; she feels empty, cold and dead but it's the mornings when she feels alive. She gets the coffee going when she hears the boys rustling in their beds, eggs go on the stove to poach when she hears George turn off the shower. Bacon goes in the skillet when Mitchell gets in the shower and everything is on the table by the time they both wander downstairs. Most of the time, the mornings are too busy for anyone to sit so the kitchen is a storm of food trading hands, laughing, talking about the day to come and Annie is the eye of the storm, that calm center to everyone's morning, including herself.

Nights are the hardest for Annie, but all of her mornings with both of her boys make up for it.
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2012-01-11 12:56 pm

Updates are good

Apparently not necessary but good. I figure I should probably use this since I moved and everything.

Things are pretty calm around here. Alabama Crimson Tide won the National Championship which was awesome. Really fun game to watch. Dustin went back to school over break this week. He's doing so so. His grades are crap but his behavior and attitude in general are good. He's bright. He just doesn't apply himself so for the moment I'm taking good attitude and good behavior and trying to motivate the rest. It's a far cry from some of the school experience we've had with him in the past. I sub a lot at his school and surprisingly, I think he likes having me there on a semi regular basis. I rarely see him but he knows I'm there anyway and he likes it.

Today I had to get up early to get my car from town (we left it there Monday night in prep for the drink fest) so I hit the grocery store while I was at it. The wind is horrible here today and while the girl was putting my groceries in the trunk, the wind blew the trunk down and smashed my fingers. Nothing is broken just very badly gouged/gashed. There was a good amount of blood. I have Barbie band aids and chocolate though so I'm good. Yes, I'm six. I had just bought the Barbie band aids in the store too. I'd run out of girly ones. The boys have tough strip, regular MAN band aids. I have hello kitty, sushi & barbie.

For Christmas I got Doctor Who S3-5. I've already got 1 & 2 and I've re-watched 3. Now I'm re-watching s4. I love S4 a lot, not just for the Rose arc (which okay big reason for me to like it) but because it's just fantastic stuff. Donna is amazing. Ten has some of his greatest moments I think. Good stuff.

I've also recently gotten into Sherlock. I really liked S1 and I've just started S2. I've got Misfits on my to watch list and I'm going to watch Secret Diary of Call Girl because Billie Piper is gorgeous. Really, it's the only reason and I think it's the best one.

I signed up to read 100 books this year. Last year I managed 109 so I should be okay.

My main RP game is moving to Dreamwidth and I'm happy about that. I could read LJ entries alright and the changes weren't the greatest but I could deal with them. My problem with LJ is the way we get treated. All of that being said, if everyone stayed, I probably would to. I am still cross-posting these things to LJ but I am excited about the move.

If I RP with you or if you're just curious what I'm doing/who I'm playing/etc you can look at my Dreamwidth muselist here. [Unknown site tag] is my muse box and anyone can friend it as well. I'm not too picky on things. I'm still tweaking the whole thing because I'm probably not certain what I want to do with it.

All right, gonna wrap it up. Have a brilliant day!
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2011-12-29 10:37 pm

Testing out DreamWidth

I had a fantastic Christmas. I hope you guys did as well. I got a Kindle Fire from Tony and a towel warmer. It is the best thing after a bubble bath. Dustin got way too many x-box games and I'm doomed to spend the rest of Christmas break watching him play X-box. He had a great Christmas though so that was nice.

Sinuses are in full swing so that means I spend a lot more days with headaches. It's just something I've gotten used to. I've been subbing a lot. Naturally not lately because of Christmas break. There are days I love it and other days I want to strangle kids so pretty much par for the course.

I'm kind of looking forward to the New Year being here and a fresh start. Sure I know I can make my resolutions now and start them up but the new year always seems like a nice time to start things. Not that I've made resolutions but I've got some ideas in mind.

RP drabble-y things

I did these for some people. Might as well post them.


Without his consent, the redhead has wriggled her way from her proper column, girls Dean would like to sleep with and into the 'people Dean protects' column; honestly it's the better column to be in anyway.


There are days she looks at him and all she feels is guilt: guilt for being who she is, the way she is, guilt for making his life more confusing then it has to be, guilt for keeping him close instead of turning him loose to find a 'good girl', guilt for all the crazy that she knows will come, guilt for saddling him with all her issues; all the guilt is tempered by the fact that most days she looks at him and all she feels is happy.


Rose sits for hours with her back to the console, fingers looped through the floor grates and tears trickling down her cheeks; she can feel the way the TARDIS aches lancing through her, mingling with her own pain and somehow, despite the fact that she's dying, giving Rose hope; there can't be anywhere in the universe safe from this much hurt, this much pain; last time they'd lost him, they'd unlaced time and space, shoved bits in then undone everything to get him back; there's no question they'll do it all over again; there never has been.
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2011-10-13 08:04 pm
Entry tags:

[Doctor Who Fic]

In the finale of Doctor Who this season there was a one off line by Eleven where he said that if he wanted to he'd go help Rose Tyler with her homework. I wanted fic immediately. Today I was bored at work and this was spawned. It's just a little bit of a scene that could be expanded upon later. Possibly:

Read more... )
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2011-10-13 07:46 pm
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I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you

So tomorrow night at this time I will be in Lubbock at a Taylor Swift concert with Lisa. I am ridonkulously excited about this. There will probably be pictures.

As a result, tonight I am too restless to concentrate on ANYTHING at all. I've been doing some packing and such. Really I'm about ready to go except for last minute things.

Last weekend Tony, Dustin and I went to Red River, New Mexico for a little mini vacay. It was nice. We did some fishing but did not catch anything. It snowed there but wasn't terribly cold. All in all, nice trip and very relaxing. We kind of needed it. In the middle of football season it gets crazy with Tony refereeing everywhere and home so little.

I've been subbing. Not as much as I'd like but I've also been busy with other things. Tomorrow I go to the eye doctor because man lately it seems like I can't see anything. I'm going to get new glasses provided my prescription has actually changed then I'm going to pack up, pick the kid up early and prepare to be a teenage girl.

Saturday we're going to a tech game with Wyatt and Lisa. It should be a great, fun weekend.

Ya'll have a great weekend!

Oh! And I actually wrote some mini fic that's going to get an entry after this.
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2011-08-29 09:19 pm

Well it's not that I've been busy per say

Just lazy for the most part. Summer was good. Way too hot even for me and I usually love every moment of summer and it's been way too dry. We've gotten small amounts of rain, which I'm not knocking but wow we need so much more. It's crazy because other areas are getting way too much.


School has started again. I am technically jobless but I have been substituting a lot at the school near me. 4 days last week and so far I'm scheduled for three days this week. I'm really enjoying it even though I'm not doing so much teaching as I am babysitting. They write and they do worksheets and I answer questions when I can. We go to the library a lot which I enjoy because I can recomend books to them that I've read. It's at the school I student taught at so I know a lot of the kids and the other teachers. It makes it a nice, comfortable place to work. I'm hoping by the end of the year/before the end of the year a teaching position will become open here.

Since I'm 'babysitting' I'm doing a lot of reading. Back in January I set a goal on goodreads to read 100 books this year. About a week after I made it I started panicking because I didn't realize at the time exactly how many books 100 was. I knew I read a lot. I always have but I've never counted how many books I've read until now.

So far I'm at 78 books for the year. I should make my goal without any worries.

In other news...well not much. The kiddo is doing great so far in school but we're only two weeks in. Husband is already busy with football refereeing but he's enjoying it. I've been reading a lot, watching a lot of TV, anticipating the new season of everything and doing some writing not to mention rp stuff.

So happy with new Who right now. I know a lot of people weren't and River Song still isn't my favorite character. She probably won't ever be but she's growing on me bit by bit. I certainly don't hate her the way I used to.

Okay. So that's it for the moment. Ya'll have a great day/week and I'll try to update more.
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2011-07-12 07:06 pm


Wow it's been over a month since I updated this thing. I fail a lot at keeping a blog. Although, to be honest the last month has been rather lazy and boring which is just how I like my summers. I've spent time at the pool, had a 14th year wedding anniversary and discovered a fantastic wine bar here. I'd like to spend a great deal of time there. I've also discovered how to make Sangria.

Onto other things that aren't alcohol related...

Uhm, still haven't heard on the job front which is frustrating and also expected. Teaching just isn't a high demand profession this year.I will end up substituting if the lack of job continues. It's been outrageously hot and dry here. Wells all over the area are going dry which is very distressing. Ours is a good well and it's deep but if it goes dry we're SOL.

I've been reading a lot. I'm up to 54 books so far this year. I pledged to read 100 by the end of the year at goodreads so we'll see how that goes. I know how much I get to read will slow down a great deal when school starts back up again.

I've been on a 'spring' cleaning kick. In two weeks I'll have a large number of people here. They won't all be staying at my house but they'll all be stopping by my house to visit/party. This means the house needs to be cleaner than it currently is. I've thrown away a ton of stuff.
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2011-06-03 12:08 pm
Entry tags:

Random is a valid life choice

I now have hot pink toe nails and dark green, almost black, fingernails. I feel I appropriately represent both The Brotherhood and The X-men for the movie tonight.

Yeah, I just called the X-men pink.
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2011-05-31 11:20 am

Best Day

I'm going to see Taylor Swift with BFF in October *insert 16 year old girl squee*


I signed up for fencing classes that start Thursday.
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2011-05-17 10:38 pm
Entry tags:

Books: Best weapons ever

AngelologyAngelology by Danielle Trussoni

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I'm putting this at a solid 'it was ok'. Very dense with history and information. It's an intellectual treasure hunt which is cool but it didn't really kick into high gear until the second half of the book. Once it did kick into gear it seemed to go along quickly and well. I felt like the attempt at romance was just thrown in there to have an attempt at romance and while I liked the characters, I wasn't crazy about the idea of the romance. There was nothing wrong with it, except that it wasn't developed well.

All of that being said the history, the premise and the mythology behind it was pretty fascinating. This didn't take the bible and try to debunk it. Instead it took a tiny bit of the bible, added in some mythology, blended well and expanded upon it in a massive, current and interesting way. I just wish the first part of the book had moved faster and the romance had been left out of it. I would have given it a higher rating. It's definitely worth a read. It's just a slow read.

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